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Introduction to Lean Touch Plan

Pull Plans Electronic

Apps That allows collaboration electronically

Takt Plans Electronic

APPS That  allows collaboration using electronic post-its

Process Mapping Electronic

Comming soon - APPS to allow process mapping.



Lean Touch Solutions develop software platform to lean out the administration from our Lean Implementation programs. We believe in Lean Construction- The Last Planner ®System the physical act of placing a post-it created by the owner of that activity is essential to the act of making reliable promises. During implementation startup on any project we will always use paper post-its. However on mature teams at pull planning / takt planning we are moving towards an electronic version that allows participants add electronic post-its from their devices. On the electronic wall only they can move their post-its. Looking forward to further improving productivity with our clients into the future.


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Last Planner System Pull Planning Software


Stickies on the wall replaced by Electronic placing on Screen via phone - tablet in advance of Pull Plan workshop. 

Only assigned trade can move his electronic postits on electronic wall.

Post-its added to Wall Mode.

Auto Expand to Check Duration of Phase

Takt Planning (Trains) Using Software